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Many of you may remember DT Rébecca’s article (here) of her beautiful Halloween Wreath.
Well I decided that I would try it myself using Christmas papers and this was the result:


After completion I realized how much it looks like a dahlia flower and this is the reason for the title of this article.

For anyone who may be thinking that this is a difficult wreath to make or perhaps time consuming, I can reassure you it was very simple.

Materials needed:
-double-sided papers
-glue gun

Cut a circle (approx. 16 cm wide) from the cardboard. I traced my circle from a plate.
Cut double sided papers in approximately 15×15 cm squares. I used a 6″x6″ paper pad (details on the bottom) so little cutting was necessary. I didn’t count exactly how many squares were used but I think there are approx. 40 squares in this wreath.
Each square is rolled into cone shapes and glued shut with a glue gun.
Glue down each cone (with the glue gun) beginning on the outer edge of the cardboard circle. Be sure to glue down with a tiny space between each one.
Continue with the next layer inwards by gluing down the cones between the ones from the outer layer before.
The following layer is done in the exact same way.
By the fourth layer you will be in the center of the wreath. There you will glue the cones down to fill in the spaces.
Attach a ribbon on the back of the circle to hang the wreath.

As you can see, this wreath can be created using Halloween papers as Rebecca did, or Christmas papers or just about any colour or theme for any occasion. Give it a try and let us know how it worked out for you, or feel free to forward a photo of your creation. We would love to see them!!

On this note, all of us here at Scrap Mania wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014!
Alessia xo

Materials used:
- Echo Park – Very Merry 6×6 Paper Pad
- i-bond Glue Gun
- Creative Ribbon – White Organza

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