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PostHeaderIcon Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Here are a couple of last minute ideas for Christmas.

Are you wondering how to wrap that gift bottle? or what kind of tag/card to attach to it? Here’s an idea that can be easily be made at home to suit any taste or match any Christmas theme.
Take a regular piece of cardstock as long as you like (3/4 the length of the bottle is perfect), punch a hole at the top and score just below the hole.  The scoring will help keep the tag in place close to the bottle.  Decorate as you please and slip over the top of the bottle.
Here I’ve gone with a black and white theme but this can be done for any occasion including Christmas.
In doing this, you’ll have a label/tag/card and you won’t even need to wrap the bottle.
Very easy!!!!


And how about a little gift that will ‘warm’ the heart?
This combination of goods includes everything necessary to make a yummy cup of hot chocolate.
Pour some chocolate powder into a plastic bag, add marshmallows (guimauves, in french) and staple shut. I’ve also attached a small whisk at the top using some ribbon.
Decorate the outside with anything you like (papers, thicker alphabets, stickers, bling etc.) and add a message to the back like the one I generated on my pc.
If using a smaller bag of chocolate this can even be inserted into a large cup as part of the gift.
Such a sweet idea and deliciousssssssssss too!!!


Good luck everyone with your last minute Christmas preparations!




PostHeaderIcon Merci, Grazie, Danke, & Thank you!

To all our clients, friends and family, thank you for being part of our 3rd anniversary. You all have a special place in our hearts.
To our DT, thank you for joining our team and for all your wonderful work during this time.  We couldn’t do it without you!

We hope that everyone enjoyed our little gifts, treats and surprises!

…And that you had luck with our Scratch & Win tickets!
See our list of winning symbols here .

(a special thank you to Lori L for the photography)

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